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Boys & Girls Brackets

2009 & Youngers - SoCal Winter Cup 2022


3 Game Guaranteed*

Great Quality Fields* 

7v7 * $399 | 9v9 * $449 | 11v11 * $549

Games Kick off

Saturday at 9:00am

Sunday at 9:30am - After the World Cup Final

Central Park
27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

What is the difference between GotSoccer and GotSport?
GotSoccer is the company name and also sometimes used to refer to the original/legacy platform (now GotSoccer Legacy), which is being phased out.

GotSport is GotSoccer’s newer platform,

which is being used for US Club Soccer registration / Leagues & Tournaments.

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